Conference main topics

  1. Mathematical foundations:
    1. differential equations,
    2. difference equations,
    3. approximation of the fractional-order derivatives and integrals,
    4. dynamic systems state space models,
    5. special functions analysis,
    6. fractional-order stochastic systems,
    7. fractional-order systems on time scales,
    8. variable-, fractional-order derivatives and differences.
  2. Dynamic system modeling:
    1. electrical elements modeling,
    2. heat conduction systems modeling,
    3. biological systems modeling,
    4. Voight models,
    5. fractional-order systems with delays,
    6. anomalous diffusion modeling.
  3. Fractional-order systems analysis
    1. Fractional-order linear and non-linear systems stability analysis,
    2. Fractional-order systems frequency methods analysis,
    3. Fractional-order systems transient analysis,
    4. Fractional-order systems controllability, reachability, observability, detectability, realizability analysis.
  4. Fractional-order closed-loop systems synthesis:
    1. Fractional-order PID control,
    2. Fractional-order optimal control,
    3. Fractional-order path control,
    4. Fractional-order systems robust control.

Each session is opened by an invited prominent speaker.